Recognizing pioneers and innovators in the search for cures for neurodegenerative diseases

Focus of the Award

Tom and Beatriz Claugus created the Foundation For A Better World in 2013. Since then, the Foundation has devoted the majority of its time and efforts towards advancing medical research initiatives that seek to treat and cure neurodegenerative diseases. The Claugus Award is intended to foster direct relationships with researchers and institutions to highlight and catalyze groundbreaking and innovative work in the search for cures for neurodegenerative diseases. 

Amount of the Award

The Claugus Award for Alzheimer’s Research is a one-time, no-strings-attached payment of $250,000. This sum is payable to institutions and foundations in the name of specific award recipients to both honor their notable contributions to the field and encourage their continued endeavors.

Research Interests

This award is specifically focused on recognizing true pioneers in the research and drug discovery fields for neurodegenerative diseases. Primarily, recipients of this award will have made notable contributions to field of Alzheimer’s disease research, though research into other neurodegenerative diseases may be applicable on a case by case basis. Our main focus at the foundation is to accelerate the development of successful therapeutic products for CNS diseases – this award is one way  we aim to empower and facilitate that effort. 

Application Process

We do not currently accept applications for the Claugus Award. This award is specifically created to highlight outstanding contributions to CNS disease research and drug discovery and is primarily given to prior recipients of foundation grants. 

To apply for a specific project-related grant unrelated to this award, please reach out to our Program Director, Adam Hoffman at


The Claugus Award is given to one researcher, team or institution  annually. Current and prior award recipients are announced on the foundation’s website –

Past Recipients