Our Mission

To support global development initiatives that offer everyone the opportunity to live healthy and productive lives.

Key Initiatives


Since its founding in 2001, WINGS has grown to be a nationally recognized and respected leader in reproductive health. They are the only organization in Guatemala dedicating the full breadth of their time and resources to providing quality, low-cost reproductive health information and services to indigenous communities. Over the past 15 years, WINGS has educated and counseled more than 200,000 women, men and youth on family planning, they have prevented over 225,000 unintended pregnancies and they have screened 50,278 women for cervical cancer. They currently have services available in 13 of the 22 provinces in Guatemala and while the national fertility rate has declined since their work began, Guatemala still has the highest fertility rate in the region.

We have partnered with WINGS in their mission to bring more awareness and better education regarding family planning to the people of Guatemala and to help destigmatize and legitimize the notion of reproductive health. Enabling women to make informed decisions about their families reduces unintended pregnancies, increases educational opportunities and leads to healthier communities overall. To learn more about WINGS, please visit their website in the link above.

Global Development Investments