Thomas Eugene Claugus was born in Barnesville, Ohio on June 22, 1951. He attended Ohio State University from where he graduated as a Chemical Engineer; he subsequently attended Harvard Business School, where he obtained his Master’s Degree in Business.

Tom worked for Rohm and Haas for 20 years and then decided to establish his own hedge fund, now recognized among the best in the world. He is well known and highly respected as  an honest, hardworking man who has devoted his life to his family and to the development of his and his clients’ estates by trading stock through the companies he currently runs, such as  GMT Capital and Bay Resource Partners, among others.    Notwithstanding his success and multiple responsibilities, Tom constantly seeks to support and benefit those actions or individuals who  contribute to making this world a better place in the areas of  health, education, medical research or problems derived from social issues.

In 2012 Tom Claugus met Beatriz Illescas.  Beatriz, born in Guatemala in 1959, was at that time a diplomat, representing her country as the Consul General of Guatemala to Atlanta. Her years of experience in the field of  Higher Education in her native country as well as her search to provide relief and  find ways to support humanitarian aid made her a qualified partner for Tom’s philanthropic projects.

After months of discussing possible ways to fund a Non-for-Profit, Tom decided to
establish a private foundation- a family foundation that would also involve
his children- and chose Beatriz as the Director of this foundation. As the person who would be directing his foundation; Beatriz’s  deep concern and commitment to helping  people would be the perfect counterpart for Tom, the rational, hardworking, problem solver, with the resources to make that happen.

Together they began developing their vision, which lead to the establishment, in January 2013, of Foundation For a Better World, which was officially registered and incorporated in March 2013.

Today, FFABW funds 25 organizations worldwide, among them those  that combat poverty, malnutrition, and diseases that are hard to cure in countries such as Tanzania, India, Guatemala, as well as organizations and Universities in the US that support medical research and education.

FFABW plans to continue to grow and find  more non-for-profits that will fulfill its mission and  help make this world of ours a much better world for all.